8 things to look for in a Customer Feedback System

8 things to look for in a Customer Feedback System

In today’s competitive world, it is very important for businesses to have solid customer feedback collection and management mechanism in order to build and deliver constant value to their Customers.  On the other hand Customers have enough choices and they look to do business with the organizations where they see value for their opinion.

Elon Musk “I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.”

Businesses often get confused while selecting the right Feedback solutions for their company. Following are the top eight features companies should look for in any feedback solution.

1. Web + Mobile Compatible

  • Feedback solutions must support mobile framework along with the web.
  • Customers should be able to give their feedback easily via mobile as well. This increases the chances of getting real time feedback significantly.

2. Social Listening

  • Feedback Solutions must enable social media listening. In today’s social media era customers often rant on Facebook / Twitter.
  • It is impossible to do accurate analysis without considering Social Sentiment of your Brand.

3. Strong Sentiment Analysis

  • Research suggests that most of the companies do want to know Negative remarks.
  • Effective feedback solutions should be able to clearly differentiate between positive and negative feedback so that brands can prioritize their action items.

 4. Analytics Driven

  • Effective system should be able to give detailed actionable metrics based on collected data.
  • Some important metrics include Net Promoter Score, Historical Comparison, Branch level Comparison, Service Level Comparison etc..

 5. Scientifically Designed Survey Suggestions

  • It is very essential that companies ask right question in right order.
    • E.g.: The first question every company must ask is about customer’s overall experience and that has to be on balanced scale to get the right sentiment.
  • Feedback Solution should be able to help brands prepare more effective surveys.

 6. Ability to Reply – Two way communication

  • Most of the customer’s do not submit the feedback as they have a very fundamental question. “Is it going to change anything? / Is someone really listening?”
  • Companies must reply back to Customer’s to show respect.
  • Tool should support Auto Reply or easy Manual reply option.

 7. Escalation Matrix

  • Companies do need notifications to right people in case directly responsible individual fails to respond at the right time.
  • Tool must support Escalation Matrix where notification goes to right people at the right time.

 8. Trigger Based Invitation

  • Tool must have API support whenever invitation to submit a feedback gets triggered immediately after an event.
  • E.g.: Recently I stayed at a hotel in Udaipur, Rajasthan and I received an invitation to submit feedback about my stay after a week.

Feedback collection and management is the key to increase more loyal customers and to make sure you are continuously delivering the quality service to your customers.

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