9 Types of Businesses that MUST use Customer Experience Management tools

9 Types of Businesses that MUST use Customer Experience Management tools

Every day we all experience different services & products. We love to revisit the places or businesses where constructive customer interaction happens. Thought of making a list of businesses where anyone would love to give customer feedback. Customer Experience Management Tools are paramount to long lasting success.

Restaurant: Whenever we go for dining out, it would be great if we are asked-

  • How was the food?
  • What is dish I liked ?
  • What I like about this restaurant ?
  • What can make me visit again?

It’s a personalized service business, we all would love to have a digital form instead of paper based forms or worst- not asking me anything.

Movie Theater: Whenever I watch a movie, each one of us has a specific ‘thing’ about each movie theater for which they visit the place. Its not only about price, its about the 1 or 2 things which clings on – E.g.: If you are in USA, I used to visit AMC because it had a variety of movies playing, so would make it to one movie or other.
If you are in India, people visit PVR whenever they want to watch a movie with some ‘exclusiveness’ like neatness, clean seats and many more.

Spa / Personal trainer: It’s a personalized service business where physical touch to customer is involved each time, if there is something which I need to get modified, customer experience in digital form and overall performance analysis would be sure game changer.

Bank / Financial services: It deals with your pocket, in today’s extremely competitive world, personalized service with feedback would make sure the Bank gets most out of the customer.

Hotel stay during vacation: The more personalized vacation stay in a hotel, the more would be referrals from customer and repeat visits.

Online SaaS Products: All of us use software products like Gmail, Intuit, Basecamp, Asana and many more. It would be a superb thing to get customer satisfaction from current and prospective customer for these SaaS product companies.

Service centers like – Airports, Car service center : With so many people visiting and using the services of such centers, a small change from a suggestion/ feedback / complaint would make such centers more user friendly and famous.

Mall / Shop: If every footfall coming into a mall or shop is asked for suggestion/ feedback / complaint in an easy way, it would give informative insight if data analytics is done for shop owners and mall owners.

Politicians:  It would be a great way if people’s opinions and ideas are reached to our political leaders in a faster digital form. Our community would be a better place with people in constituency contributing ideas.

In our connected world – people connected via mobile, social media and internet, the current and future years would have customer experience as the number one accelerator of Business growth.

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