5 IMPORTANT elements for making Quick Service restaurant SUCCESSFUL

5 IMPORTANT elements for making Quick Service restaurant SUCCESSFUL

Whenever you visit McDonald’s or a Subway or a KFC, it feels great to have something to eat. The number of times I have visited a Quick service restaurant is humongous (of-course I don’t count, which alien does :) ! ).


 While eating at a KFC, thought came to mind that what makes them so successful, from USA to Singapore to India, the same “catchiness”, same good taste, its superb business execution.

There are so many restaurants in an overly competitive food business and everyone wants to go ‘global’ and make it ‘big’ like McDonalds or KFC.

In perspective, these big food companies do few things perfectly well. If executed the below 5 things would cause your food business to become a quick service restaurant:

  1. Focused Choice on Menu == Faster checkout
    • Make sure your have focused less options, but choice for all age groups on Menu.
    • Example: In McDonalds there is food for every age group but the number of items on menu is less. So each age group chooses from the menu quickly as  he/she do not have many options. The mind does not think much, selection happens quickly and purchase happens quickly.


  1. Food quality :
    • The quality of food needs to be consistent.
    • For every dish on Menu proper micro level processes needs to be defined so that there is no change in taste at any franchise or outlet.



  1. Speed of Delivery:
    • Understand this : If there is even a minute delay in delivering a order to a customer, the customer will not visit your quick service restaurant ( QSR) next time in hurry.
    • The whole concept of QSR is ‘I will get something quickly and of reasonable quality’, speed is crucial for causing growth of business.


  1. Consistency in environment and staff :
  • The restaurant environment – cleanliness or restaurant and of eating tables has to be of specific standard. Micro level processes needs to be defined so that there is no change environment at any franchise or outlet.
  • The restaurant staff has to maintain a consistent standard of friendliness and courtesy to customers.
  • Example : Pizza hut has a good consistency in birthday celebrations, ringing of bell when someone wants to say “thank you”.



5. Regular Customer Feedback and Improvements:

  • Take regular customer feedback and make sure improvements are happening faster.
  • Whatever processes are making customers happy, should be converted into policy and processes.


Do you know any other important points which are essential in making or working of a Quick service restaurant?



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