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Private Interaction System

Private interaction system for modern businesses. Easy to integrate & use. A tool to interact with your customers.


Meet ALL Customers

Meet all your customers in one place. Hear and respond with all your customers via single dashboard.


No NEW Devices needed

Talk3SIXTY works with your 9 key mobile, Smartphone, Tablet & Laptop. Works with Android, iOS, Blackberry or a Windows phone using Photo, Video, Voice and Text (SMS).


Customize as per your Brand. Dashboard & Mobile App will carry the your logo and brand colours to ensure seamless experience to the users.

Everything you need to enable your customer interaction. Start interactions & make customers insanely happy. Sign up and we will mail you a start-up kit.

Grow your Business


Instant Notification

You will instantly receive alerts about customer interactions



You can appreciate customer’s contribution and inputs with apt rewards. Select from choicest deals and coupons from our Coupon repository.

Increase Loyalty

Increase loyalty of your customers. Express care and concerns through response & action. Win customers loyalty for lifetime.

Instant Response

Instantly respond to your customers. Use mobile, tablet, laptop or even a SMS to respond to your customer from anywhere.

Connect with your Customer

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    Know the pulse of your customers

    Track real time comments from your customer. Review overall satisfaction scores. Reward & Compensate your customers.

  • 📱

    SMS Integration

    SMS integration will enable inclusion of customers with basic 9-key phones. Smart Phone using customers can also use SMS to reach out.

  • 🌎

    Be Mobile; Everywhere.

    Talk3SIXTY enables you to connect with your businesses everywhere. SMS, Web App or Mobile App.

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    Optimize your Customer interaction

    Make it easy for your customers to speak. Now mildly irritated customer is as good as lost customer. Save them. Grow them.

  • Wide variety for Customers

    Customers can choose the between SMS, Mobile, Mobile App, Web-App to share the awesome product or service experience

  • 💡

    Ahead of the competition

    Experience richer experience with your customers on any compatible device (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop and more)

Increase efficiency of your business


All mobile phones can be used

Channel to receive feedback to pacify, thrill and grow your customers. 3 steps to integrating Website, Facebook Page, SMS Code, Mobile App and more.

Convenient Interface

You can respond to your customers through a convenient interface: mobile, tablet, computer or even 9 key mobile (SMS).

Create interaction campaign

Setting-up 3 question survey is now a 3 minute task. Choose from wide variety of response types – Slider, 7 point scale, Smiley scale and more.

See via meaningful numbers

See your business via meaningful numbers. Visit your online dashboard with in-depth analytics of your business. Discover hourly, daily, weekly action stats


Escalation structure

Escalation matrix is established to ensure highest standards of customer satisfaction by adhering to strict turnaround times.

Everything you need to enable your customer interaction. Start interactions & make customers insanely happy. Sign up and we will mail you a start-up kit.

Customer3SIXTY is always with you


Rich repository of survey questions

Highly qualified team of Market Research professionals has put together set of questions that help you solicit true responses from your customer

Last Mile Consulting

We help you setup & activate the interaction campaigns and walk you through to demonstrate tangible value


Know thy Sentiment

State of the art sentiment analyzer will tell us whether the customer input is positive or negative. This helps you to prioritize responses.


Scientifically Designed

Talk3SIXTY is scientifically designed by keeping in mind the natural hierarchy of convenience for both Customers and Business Owners.